Thursday, 14 June 2007

Aghast - 9 Track Demo CD-R 2003

Well let's kick off this blog with some stripped down D-Beat thrash from Aghast. This is their CD-R Demo from 2003 and it's one crazy barrage of distortion. They just put out an LP called "Deformities" on Agipunk, it's limited to 1000 so track it down quick. Before the LP they had released two ep's.

Check it out for pure D-Beat Raw Punk!!
One of the better bands in this genre from the USA.

1. Weapons of Mass Deception
2. Corruption
3. Trenches
4. Displaced
5. Waste
6. System Collapsed

7. Burned Alive
8. Rage
9. War Horror


Dork said...

I actually know the guys in the band. I saw them live at a local club, and it was fucking insane! I sang along to every song... this, though, is not one of their better releases. I recommend getting Deformities or the Sacrificed on the Altar of State Power 7".

Oyml said...

Just wanted to let you know that these tracks don't work unless you remove the port number from the URL. It appears that this post is the only post here that is affected by this.

Great blog. Thank you very much for the tunes I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise.

STiG(NZ) said...

Links are back up working, thanks for letting me know.