Monday, 25 June 2007

Crow - The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction 12" 2007

This is a crushing Japan only release on Crow Records. Only 1000 were made and Prank managed to get a few 100 copies in but they sold out fast. This is ripped as two tracks, side A and side B. The B side has 4 tracks but it's way too difficult to seperate them. This is a fucking amazing release. Enjoy.

1: Hametsu No Haoto (The Beating Of The Wings of
2: Tomurai No Kane (Funeral Bell)
3: Inori Noroi (Malediction)
4: Sasayaku Kagami (Whispering Mirror)
5: Last Chaos



Simon said...

UNFUCKINGREAL. This is as good as it gets in 2007.

ido said...

Fucking love CROW. Just raw and bleak as fuck. This entire album works great as one single composition. Amazing album.

Metallibanger said...

Great stuff. Thanks a lot for all these quality postings.

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K. said...