Tuesday, 19 June 2007

From Ashes Rise - Fragments Of A Fallen Sky ep 1997

This is the first 7 inch from the mighty From Ashes Rise and it's noticably more thrashier than their latter studio output. It's a good ep but it's nowhere near the masterpiece that "Nightmares" is.

01 - Haunted Conscience
02 - All Too Willing Target
03 - Driven To
04 - Product Of Lust
05 - Drawing Circles
06 - Fragments


7inchcrust said...

thanks for this, it is long time of print and i ve been looking for this for a long time, its not bad ep, along with Life and Death they sound primitive and raw comparing to the rest FAR releases but good stuff though,
and great blog! nice choices for posting! keep up man!

jimmyC said...

i found this in the $2.99 used bin. i couldn't buy it fast enough

rayss said...

thanks for this i dont understand why but it is always left out like on the skuld version of concrete and steel the 2nd 7'' is included but not the 1st 7'' and their is a cd with concrete and steel,silence, and the 2nd 7'' but again the 1st 7'' is missing.