Friday, 15 June 2007

S.O.B - European Tour ep 1989

Well this is probably one of the least known of S.O.B's official releases. Recorded on their 1989 Tour of Europe with Napalm Death in London and Salisbury. The recording's are quite bad but do give an honest representation of this once mighty band. This was released by S.O.B vocalist and main driving force Tottsuan (R.I.P) on his Sounds Of Burial label. I think later S.O.B seriously lost any direction and sadly ended up as generic death metal. The 1989 tour also saw them record the "Thrash Night" ep on Lee Dorians Rise Above label and it's my opinion that this was their crowning moment. More a post for the obscurity value than anything else.

01 - Humanity Of Stupidity
02 - No Control
03 - Nightmare
04 - Repeat At Length
05 - S.O.B
06 - Raging In Hell
07 - Suck Ya Brain-Fuck Ya Brain
08 - Fuck Or Die
09 - Thrash Night

1989 - Sounds Of Burial Records


Rodger said...

I remember these cunts playing @ the Arts Centre in Salisbury... Leaping off the stage with baseball bats attacking the audience ... what a bunch of pricks! Totally ruined the atmosphere for everyone.. Napalm Death were awesome though , saved the night!

STiG(NZ) said...

hahaha, fucking poms probably asked for a good kicking.

rayss said...

i read some stuff about em being violent, did they really attack the audience or was it just a show.
i read the singer for terrorain was at a recording session while they were in england and the guitar player kept yelling at the drummer then jumped over the drumset and beat him up pretty bad and then they continued the recording.
thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Arts Centre show as well, the story I heard afterwards was that someone had gone on stage and before diving off, taunted the singer about nagasaki - the baseball bats came out and the band stopped playing and went looking for him.

Anonymous said...

link is dead

STiG NZ said...