Thursday, 21 June 2007

VA - Pusmort Sampler ep 1987 + Bonus Flexi's

Wicked compilation ep from Pushead circa 1987. Final Conflict and Negative Gain both had full LP's on Pushead's label and Final Conflict continued to release stuff with him on his Bacteria Sour label years later. This ep came with two bonus flexi disc's. The first was an all Japanese affair and was more intense than the American bands. The second flexi is a short burst from "Attitude Adjustment" that was put out with "Thrasher" magazine. Overall it's a raging little collection of tracks from some of the best bands of the time. Enjoy.

01 - Septic Death - Insanity
02 - Fratricide - Going Under
03 - Corruption Of Peace - Bleeding Children
04 - Final Conflict - Constant Fear
05 - Negative Gain - No Life At All
06 - Ghoul - Jerusalem

01 - Outo - Free Man
02 - Ghoul Squad - Necro Doll
03 - S.O.B - Slap In The Face
04 - Attitude Adjustment - Destruction End


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Yea this rules. I got this through mailorder years ago. Thanks

Flea Lord said...

the septic death track is incredible. i copied one of pushead's drawings for the cover of my fanzine I did in the 80s. did it in pencil - no photoshop then!

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S.O.B links 2007-2011 dead

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