Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Deunga - No Submission, No Penance, No Repentance And No Fucking Shit - CDR 2004

Crushing Swedish D-Beat Crust, I think this was their only release but it's a killer.

01 - Panopticon
02 - We're Not Dying
03 - Agren Is Life
04 - No More Cops
05 - Rock At Svinen
06 - Skitgubbsamhallet
07 - Kaka Sopor

Second edition. Tour edition, 78 copies.

Halvkass/Dampkids on LSD

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rayss said...

this is so great i got this but with a different cover, not much info on them either i searched a bunch cuz i like it so much. as far as i can tell only one went to other bands.