Thursday, 5 July 2007

Doom - Hail To Sweden ep

We all know about the mighty Doom and we've probably heard all their stuff and know the sound right? That's probably why after "Police Bastard" this is my favorite Doom record. Here they are paying tribute to some of the best Swedish bands of all time. I think the line up on this ep was Doom at their best. Crushing!!!

01 - A Look At Tomorrow (Discard)
02 - Stop The Slaughter (Mob 47)
03 - Fucking System (Crudity)
04 - En Rost For Fred (Agoni)
05 - Law Of Evil (Rojers)
06 - War Machine (Anti Cimex)

Pandoras Box


7inchcrust said...

Mad Blasts of Chaos is awesome but you have outdone yourself with this.
Awesome band, great record, thanks!

Van Daniels said...

DOOM dominates my eardrums. Thanks for the upload!

F. Mercenary said...


Slobodan Burgher said...

Love this record, got it when it was fresh from the plant (almost) and still ahve it today, luckily someone ripped it for me (think i may have posted it before) but yeah....fucking great stuff!!!

rayss said...

thanks i got this too and its the bomb especially thecrudity track. i love the solo.

Anonymous said...

I have a doubt, this Agoni is the same "Agony" from Sweden, same period, with roots in punk/hardcore and thrash?