Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Doom - Monarchy Zoo ep 1995

Doom on one of their final recordings. The title track is a stunner but I think they had lost their impact and power by now and ended up putting out a couple of mediocre releases like the sub-par "World Of Shit" LP. Don't get me wrong this is a good ep but it far from Doom at their best. In fact this has more of a Chaos UK feel to it than Doom.

01 - Monarchy Zoo
02 - Raining Napalm
03 - Want Not Need
04 - Dig Your Grave
05 - Doomed

Vinyl Japan.


F. Mercenary said...

I knew this Blog was "Doomed From The Start"! Fuck yeah! This is great, Thanks.

7inchcrust said...

this Doom tribute is great! thanks stig!

Anonymous said...

great blog esp thanks for all the doom-john