Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Krigshot - Terroristattack ep 1997

A blistering D_Beat assault from Sweden's Krigshot. An early release from them on Sound Pollution Records in America. Krigshot lay waste to all with this ep and I think this is some of their best stuff, striped down fast thrash!! Features some of those famous Swedes from all those other Swedish bands we all love.....

01 - Det Oandliga Sokandet
02 - Styrd Av Overheten
03 - Lognare
04 - Lat Dom Kanna
05 - Hiroshima
06 - Terroristattack
07 - Misslyckade As

Sound Pollution


rayss said...

i love krigshot. the next best thing to mob 47 but the 2nd full length wasnt as brutal it was more like street punk

Olov said...

This is pure raging love, the sound track to a norwegian massacre of innocents

Noodles said...

should make anyone proud to be swedish.
makes me proud in any case.