Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Skit System - Profithysteri ep 1995

The mighty Skit System's debut ep and what a fucking scorcher it is. You know the history behind this band so I won't bore you with that. Just download this and play it at unhealthy levels on your stereo with the bass cranked full bore!!!

01 - Profithysteri
02 - Maktens Murar Rasar
03 - Revolt (Asocial)
04 - Human Waste
05 - Alla Javlar Ljuger
06 - Nar Ska Ni Fatta

Distortion Records


97036 said...

Since I'm Swedish maybe I can help some here... their name means "bullsshit system", translation of song titles:

1) Profit Madness (or something like that... :P)
2) The Walls of Authority Fall
3) Revolt
4) Human Waste
5) Every Fucker Is Lieing
6) When Are You Going To Get It?

jiniton said...

thanks so much for posting.was looking everywhere for it.and what made it cooler was the seperate mp3 downloads.maktens murar rasar is easily my fav

Dawgeh said...

No They are not called Bullshit System in Swedish. It's Shitsystem. Plain simple.

rayss said...

thanks i love this, i love asocial too, they turned metal but did it right and just got brutal and heavy not like other punk bands that went metal and got weak and boring. i love revolt, i cant remember who else does it but i have heard a few versions.

Anonymous said...

Reupload please. Thanks

STiG NZ said...