Monday, 30 July 2007

S.O.B - Leave Me Alone 12 inch 1986

S.O.B at their most devastating. You can't mention "Grind" without laying some of the foundation work at the feet of S.O.B.....
This record is one blasting track after another and is one of the stand out releases on the most impressive Selfish Records. Originally released as a 7 inch. Enjoy!!

01 - Not Me
02 - Give Me Advice
03 - Fat Women
04 - SDI & ADM
05 - Knock Out
06 - Sudden Rise Of Desire
07 - Leave Me Alone
08 - Slap In The Face
09 - Thrash Night (Freak Out)

Selfish Records.


Anonymous said...

so glad i found this! thanx for the upload.

cheers, bram from holland

Anonymous said...

This came out as a 7 inch ep originally as I have it.

EBOB said...

I've heard legends and rumours of this band for 15 years and never so much as seen one of their records. Thanks so much for making this raging shit available! This band kicks so much ass.....

eastcobb said...

this version is quite a bit louder than the old 7". and louder is ALWAYS better!

thanks for sharing!

rayss said...

i got a record i am sure is a boot but i coudl be rong its leave me alone and dont be swindle on one lp, the cover i guess is from dont be swindle the back is kinda like on leave me alone and the insert has the leave me alone insert on one side and what i am guessing is the dont be swindle insert also. not a bad boot it says "2 japanese character"records 003, sorry i dont know japanese, ill post this on my blog someday, how did you get great scans of a 12''

STiG(NZ) said...

A friend of mine has that records as well and yes it's a bootleg but a pretty good one. I can't scan LP covers so just use a digital camera and a tripod to try to get a good shot. I'd love an A3 scanner but they cost too much.

rayss said...

iv tried a digital camra but never get it as good as this, it looks like a scan cuz you can read the writing, when in do an lp i just scan the cover in 2 or more scans and usually leave off a bit but i figure wha the heck its pretty good.