Monday, 30 July 2007

S.O.B - Osaka Mon Amour ep

Bootleg ep from Osaka's Sons of noise. Side A was recorded in 1986 and Side B in 1988. Vintage S.O.B.

01 - Revival
02 - I'm A Dreamer
03 - Last Real Fight
04 - Soft Spoken
05 - Mental Attitude
06 - Humanity Of Stupids
07 - Nightmare
08 - Trap
09 - Sacrifice Of Devour Bones
10 - No Control
11 - Blitzkrieg Bop
12 - Slap In The Face


7inchcrust said...

this blog is mon amour...:)
thanks for the SOB & Alternative stuff.Mad Blasts of Chaos is great as always,

wedge said...

these SOB tracks all come from various compilation LPs like "Last Punk Osaka", "My Meats Your Poison" & "Eye Of The Thrashguerilla". it seems to have originated in Germany, circa 1992~3, when there was an explosion of HC bootlegs from that area at the time. although the tracks are rare as hell & the sound quality is pretty good, i never thought much of this ep as the packaging is so lame & didnt feel so bad when i traded my copy away a couple years ago.

Ryan said...

Thanks for upping this

rayss said...

thanks i love sob even though i get a bad impression of their personality

Anonymous said...

hi stig do you have gloom eps to post up raw punk

STiG NZ said...

Sorry, I have no Gloom ep's