Thursday, 5 July 2007

Upright Citizens - Facts And Views ep 1985

Upright Citizens were a German Punk band who put out some amazing records including the classic "Open Eyes, Open Ears, A Brain To Think And A Mouth To Speak" on Better Youth Organization. Crushing melodies and catchy vocals made this band stand head and shoulders above the rest. This ep has the brilliant "Swastika Ratss" on it, one of the best Punk songs of all time. It's a real shame that this stuff hasn't been probably re-issued as I'm sure a lot of people would like them today. Enjoy, I know I do.

01 - Dead Blood
02 - Future Dreams
03 - Bombs Of Peace
04 - Swastika Ratss
05 - Right Way

Skvaller Records


Anonymous said...

I have been wanting this in MP3 for years. All I had was a crappy tape of this band a friend made me back in the 80s. Thanks for posting this. Great band, great memories of my youth.

Martin said...

I agree when you say that many people would enjoy a re-issue! I definitely would. Haha, so why don't you bootleg it? Why don't I?

Unfortunately I'm too young to have youth memories of the Upright Citizens but I really like them...kind of shocking how topical (and important!) their lyrics still/ again are. You can find them here:

FRED said...

I had all their stuff, fact and views ,farewell,open ears,let's make the futur mine and yours,underground and finally colour your life..I found a LIVE bootleg from them but I can't reached it..if someone have it please let me know !

Upright Solutions said...

German bands like Rumstein are amazing! From German girls to the German life, its just all beautiful! I wish I could go to their concert live and scream at the top of my lungs! I love that stuff and its just another reason for me to do something crazy while I listen to crazi music

Anonymous said...

Hello @all,
I`m a old Fan and friend of Anton and The UC!I came also from their hometown Bottrop and I heard them in their first Training room a few weeks before the bombs of peace EP was coming out!At this time my age was 15(!)3years ago I was manager of a hardcore Punk band also from Bottrop called SCUM and we play in Hessen/germany as an opener!It was great!Now I´m 40 years old and i still love this Punk rock stuff spezially UC!!! I still have all their LP`s and EP`s!
Would like to contact me?
PS sorry about my pidgeon english
shame ;0)Greetz HOPPE

zak said...


Flea Lord said...

i sold a few of these back in the 80s distro days

rayss said...

i love uc, got a discog tape while back andbeen in love, thanks for the pics and rips, did this have an insert if so id lov to see it.