Thursday, 5 July 2007

Victims - Harder Than It Was Meant To Be ep 1997

The first ep from Swedens Victims and by far their best stuff. Crushing D-Beat with awesome production. It's a shame their last LP "Divide and Conquer" was such a boring record compared to this gem.

01 - Mary Go Round
02 - Vision Of Hell
03 - Alive By Force
04 - Carusell Of Pain
05 - Victims In Blood
06 - This Fear
07 - Another Link In The Chain
08 - Starving For Gain

Yellow Dog Records


kostek said...

thanks dude! i was looking for this ep for a long time ))

rayss said...

i got this, i missed out the accursed split, i saw it in distros but didnt have money oh well, i havent heard anyting past the first lp also cuz of money, i wanna get their new stuff, sucks to hear it might not be that good.