Tuesday, 21 August 2007

CTR - Kuruizaki Attack ep

Chaotic Jap Punk done as only the Japanese can do. It's a weird mix this one with parts that remind me of GISM and then the next instance there are crazy oohh and aahh's. Great stuff.

01 - いきないインセイン -- ???
02 - 小人とツイスト -- twist with small people???
03 - あけてくれ -- Open It!

Thanks to James and his wife for the translations.

HG Fact.


winston said...


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

hi stig! the catharsis demo and the single are up on am i mean as is the talk is poison/deathreat split 7" b.t.w.. the catharsis splits with gehenna & newspeak are in work! AMEN

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

oh, forgot to bless you for the awesome music on your blog! AMEN

grinditdown said...

truly epic punkrock blog...im extremely jealous that these are all taken from original copies of the records! id love to see your record list :D


James said...

Thanks for posting this great 7"!! Below you can find the titles in Japanese characters. I asked my Japanese wife to translate the titles into English, but she's only sure about #3.

1. いきないインセイン -- ???

2. 小人とツイスト -- twist with small people???

3. あけてくれ -- Open It!

King Brian said...

Thanks or all the great music.

No thanks for the anti-Westernism and Anti-Christ.

いきないインセイン is pronounced "Ikinai Insein" = Not-live Insane.

[The verb "live"]

STiG(NZ) said...

"No thanks for the anti-Westernism and Anti-Christ."

King Brian what the fuck does this mean? Please explain?

King Brian said...

I meant that I like the music but I find the recurring "indictments" of "the system" from people who have no serious alternatives (in my opinion) to Western democracy, and the frequent anti-Christian blasphemy and imagery tedious.

I think most of that stuff is just posturing anyway. Nevertheless, there doesn't seem to be much political diversity. I think that's a problem with these "genres". From my own experience, I got sick and tired of trying to play music and having people who claimed to be free-thinkers or anti-fascists or anarchists or whatever telling me how I should think, and what I should say, and how I should protest this or support that.

I thought you would understand what I meant since on some post you warned readers that if they didn't like being preached at they should avoid downloading some particular record.

Anyway, thanks again for all the work you do letting people hear these records that are so hard to find. Even in Tokyo, many of them would be hard to find. I went to see many of these Japanese bands years ago.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hi Brian.

Thanks for that.
Yes to an extent I do agree with you, and yes Anarchists and Liberals the world over are certainly some of the most avid arm chair protagonists, but that aside I would much rather side with them than any formal Political or Religious group.
Politics and Religion knocking can be some what cliche and every punk wants to have a go at world leaders or religious zealots.
I always thought political beliefs and moral high ground should be left to the individual but you also have to be educated to form these beliefs. We are bombarded with state control media so it's only fair that Punk bands should use their music to put forth their beliefs and standards on us, the consumer. It's then up to us what we choose to do with this information.

Christ, look at me I sound like I should have been in Crass or something.

Any way thanks Brian for visiting my blog and I hope you will be a regular.

Sean aka STiG(NZ)

King Brian said...
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King Brian said...
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King Brian said...

Hi Sean,

Still, I haven't heard many punk song s criticizing/ridiculing Islam, Kim Jong-il [like "I'm So Ronery on Team America], Mugabe, The EU fascists, Ahmednijad ...

One of the funniest things I ever saw was a photo of some grungy duuude standing in front of the White House holding up a sign saying "USA = FASCIST DICTATORSHIP!" while a couple of cops looked on, clearly bored.

Couldn't find it on Google, but here's a similar pic:


Something you might find interesting, from Estonia:


- Brian

rayss said...