Monday, 13 August 2007

F.Z.O - Den Felande Lanken 7" 1991

I don't know much about this band and only got this ep after a friend played it to me. Too me this has more of a finnish feel and sound than Swedish, with a hint to bands like Mellakka or Rattus. Similar style with a nice production. Well worth a listen. They also had some songs on Really Fast Volume 6.

01 - Gungbradan
02 - Harta Ater Gammal Ost
03 - Kryp Till Korset
04 - Sjals Sommar
05 - En Eller Ett

Wounded Records


K said...

This guy´s are from Finspång, Sweden so there sound actully make sense for beeing Swedish. Finspång is in the Östergötland area were bands as Identity and Raped Teenagers mixed up the normal punk way with more complex style of punk. Even though FZÖ is not as extream as Raped Teenagers I still feel that they got alot in common...

rayss said...

thanks, its got melody like mid 80s american skate punk over all very 91.