Monday, 13 August 2007

Gas - Sweet Emotion 12" 1985

Hiroshima's Gas with their 4th release and a change of direction. Sweet sounding vocals over some cool Punk. Different and well worth a listen.

01 - Sweet Emotion
02 - Melting Pot
03 - One More Time
04 - I Love You


ido said...

Thanks a ton for posting this. Totally different from their earlier work, but still a great record. Thats Tatsu of GASTUNK on guitars, too. The little into to "One More Time" is actually missing from the version on their comp record "Reincarnation".

Ti one said...

I'm really digging this, Gastunk, and Poison. another recommendations? websites, or other blogs? I like the cult. Thanks


Tommy said...

I have owned this record for years but totally forgot about that intro to One More Time.I usually just listen to the 2 discography CDs. Thanks for reminding me!

rayss said...

i love gas, wasnt their earlir stuff more thrashy hardcore