Saturday, 15 September 2007

Disrupt - Deprived ep 1994

Disrupt was one of those incredibly ugly crust bands on the Relapse roster in the early nineties, tossing out political hardcore in sporadic seven inch bursts, and containing many more members than any punk band should possibly have. Simple arrangements, ample venom, and a need to spit on contemporary humanity, drove the Disrupt engine. Every progressive and radical topic is explored within the framework of fast, aggressive grind-punk: racism, sexism, machismo, political injustice, environmental concerns, free-market shenanigans, poverty, and animal rights issues. Music fans that don’t enjoy being preached to should probably stay a minimum safe distance from this thick slab-o-derision. Riffs are typical punk fare, but are imbued with a grind heaviness and propensity for speed, at once catchy and incredibly dirty. Vocals are shouted, growled, screeched, and spoken, all expected within the genre. As for everyone else, I’ll just a pull a Disrupt and tell you all to “fuck off!”
Review by James Slone
01 - Dog Eat Dog
02 - Deprived
03 - Give It Back
04 - Victims Of Tradition
05 - Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
06 - Lack Of Intelligence
07 - No Values
08 - Solidarity

Relapse Records.


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can you post unrest lp or anything that you would like by disrupt thank you

STiG NZ said...

Will post what I can, I think I have another Disrupt ep ripped already.

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I have Unrest on LP

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