Thursday, 13 September 2007

Heresy - Whose Generation ep 1989

Just when hardcore in the states was getting stale and formulaic, Heresy and their European brethren came along and gave it a shot of pure adrenaline. Their early material especially is essential for any fan of the fast stuff. This ep is one of their final recordings and it's an awesome ep. Most of this stuff has been re-issued by Speed State Records.

01 - Follow Suit
02 - Ghettoised
03 - Them And Us And Me And You
04 - Everyday Madness Everyday

In Your Face Records.


Flea Lord said...

didn't they do a peel session?

STiG(NZ) said...

Actually I think they did two Peel Sessions which can be found on the "13 Rocking Anthems" 12 inch. I should post that then aye.

rayss said...

thanks i love heresy.

Anonymous said...

13 Rocking Anthems has much the same songs but does not actually contain the Peel Sessions recordings, which were far, far better. Anyway, they were a great band and thanks for making this available to download.

Anonymous said...

Eh... I'm looking at the back of said '13 Rocking Anthems' and it makes it really clear that the material contained on it is from their Peel sessions, noting the dates of the original radio transmission of both sessions (one on either side), stating that the record was 'Released By Arrangement With BBC Enterprises LTD.', and adding 'Thanks Aplenty To John Peel'. Because Heresy started their own label, In Your Face, they kept the sessions for themselves to release rather than have them put out by Strange Fruit.