Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Inga - Aketekure ep 2004

Here's another great record from Japan, this time it's Inga. They have one of the most insane vocalist's I have heard in a long time. The music is structured Thrash/Punk with quite a few hooks but the singing is off the wall. Listen to track two for an idea of how manic this is. Blood Sucker deliver on all levels.

01 - 虫の呼吸 Mushi no Kokyu
02 - あけてくれ Aketekure
03 - したたりおちShitatariochiru
04 - 血の路 Chi no MichiVery

Blood Sucker Records.


Anonymous said...

i have seem this 7" before, but didn't know what it would be's really great! i love the vocals in it. thanks for posting it! i think i have to get it now!

Anonymous said...


Oi, do you have any OLD Order when they were chaos-punk? I'd love to hear them. I have a live cdr that's musically insane!

RATOSECO said...

Reminds me of Aburadako. Great band!

James said...

Hey hey! I enlisted my Japanese wife to type up the titles. Here's the kanji characters and Roman letters for the song titles.

Mushi no Kokyu



Chi no Michi

Very lose English translations would be:

1. Insect Breath
2. Open it!
3. Dropping (as in something is being dropped)
4. Blood Road

Keep in mind that those translations are very literal and probably aren't what the band intended!!

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey James, mega thanks for the translations, say hi to the Wife for me!! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Great! It interest me moast on this side. I is great origunaly, hard but madly funny. Greatings fram Czach Republic !!!!!!!!!

rayss said...