Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Jed Whitey - This Machine Kills Hippies ep

Hippies suck, so this 7" fucking rules. But no, seriously, this 7" does fucking rule. Six tracks of rockin', high energy hardcore/punk from Australia with shitloads of blazing rock riffs somewhat akin to Kiss sans the cheese or Motörhead with a lot more speed and raucous shouting vocals. Fuck, just check out the brief harmonica and totally rocked out lead break in "(I'm Living In) My Own Private Altamont", or the obviously fucking supreme cover of Black Flag's "Jealous Again"! This fucker shreds from start to finish and ends all too soon! And they've got a great recording: A solid bass presence, natural drums, dead on guitars and vocals, a perfect mix... It's loud as shit and totally in your face, perfect for what they're doing. (8/10)

01 - (I'm Living In) My Own Private Altamont
02 - The Butler Did It
03 - Yes? No!
04 - We Used Your Record As A Beer Coaster
05 - Jealous Again
06 - Hadlee's A Wanker

Busted Heads


John Liedown said...

This is fucking great!!
Dumb but great.

langekale said...

great blog, great post!

rayss said...

thanks, i'm not a fan of rock n roll in punk but i do like this anyway.