Thursday, 13 September 2007

No Comment - Downsided ep 1992

The sheer energy on this record could light a small city for two or three generations." Looking back years later it is worth noting that every word of that review is still accurate including the statement that this record may be the finest seven inches of thrash ever recorded. These eleven tracks gave thrash in the 90s the same kick in the arse that the first D.R.I. 7" gave thrash in the 80s. Even hardcore fanatics who are too dense to be Slap A Ham obsessed are able to recognize this record as a classic. Simply put, if you only ever own one record on Slap A Ham it should be this one. (Review stolen from here)

01 - Dead Stare For Life
02 - Past Tense
03 - Sarcastics
04 - Distant
05 - Hurt
06 - Hacked To Chunks
07 - Lament
08 - Soiled By Hate
09 - Downsided
10 - Push Down And Turn
11 - Curtains

Slap A Ham Records.


adamski said...

I remember getting this from my old trading pal in Los Angeles (Benny Munoz: where are you?!) & was absolutely blown away by the sheer speed, tightness & ferocity of this 7". I actually interviewed them after hearing their demo for my fanzine "Go!" back in 88 or 89, i think it was. A classic!

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' hell...I got this "back in the day"...assumed since it was on SAH that It'd be easy to find, so traded it for some finncore (it WAS good finncore!).

Years later: CURSES!!!

Absolutely essential hXc ep, even I can say that!

Anonymous said...

damn, i've been looking for this forever. thanks for putting up some sick ass music.

rayss said...


Anonymous said...

who can recommend similar jewels? file under SIEGE INFEST CRYPTIC.SLAUGHTER TERRORIZER DEEP.WOUND JERRYS.KIDS - pls add more names :) thx bowman from berlin

PukeSkywalker said...

wow this is good