Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Swanky's - Neo Damage - Flexi

Now you all must have heard of Gai who then went on to become The Swanky's. Snotty 80's Punk Rock through and through. This is a cool flexi and I hope you enjoy it.

01 - Five Star
02 - Stuffy
03 - Please For Kiss Me
04 - I'm Punk

King's World.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! i have heard most of the swanky's stuff except for this a few of their demos...i like this one alot though, it still has all of their early energy. one of the best!

Anonymous said...

Such a classic. Got the flexi for free as a surprise from a friend...because he didn't like it!

rayss said...

how do you know its called neo damage and not rocknroll history fuck off?
great post, i love swankys.

Daniel said...

Thank you!!