Monday, 22 October 2007

Ambulance - Ambulance ep 2002

This wasn't really released by Busted Heads, I don't know who put it out, but Busted Heads is handling all of the record's distribution, so... Anyway, this band hails from Umeå, Sweden and features in its ranks ex-members of the mighty Eclipse, and the majority of the members, including the vocalist, are women - unloading some vicious metallic hardcore with a dark melodic edge akin to early His Hero is Gone or the like, but there's more speed involved, definitely bringing in some of their country's more known influences. The vocals are fucking great midrange screams with a fairly brutal edge that wavers to slightly higher and lower ranges on occasion, and there's a generally consistent level of tasteful melody to the writing. "Control" even starts out with some blasting speeds that bring to mind death or black metal... I shit you not. But there are also some crushing slow breakdowns with insanely powerful melodic lead lines, making this by far the most diverse and interesting piece on the EP. The recording is on the raw side, but it works out fine. There's a lot of density, which is essential for this style of hardcore/punk, but there's a major sheen of treble hovering over everything, which may be in part due to the vinyl, but I'm not sure. It's distracting, I must say, but it's still clear that the songs are forceful. The drums get obfuscated the most, but the bass, guitars, and vocals hold their own despite the noisiness of the mix. The 7" is pressed on clear vinyl and comes in a black and white sleeve with minimal artwork and band photos outside, and the lyrics inside. It's somewhat plain looking, but it gets the job done. The lyrics are fairly simple and personal, at times subtly hinting at potentially political undertones, but nothing major. "I sell my life, I sell my pride, My soul is gone, Sold to hate, No longer for me to control..." Good work. "Control" is a masterpiece, if they continue in that vein, look the fuck out. (7/10)

01 - Words
02 - Beyond Reach
03 - Control


Anonymous said...

i've had a strange obsession with this band for the last couple years. i haven't picked up their LP though, i need to get on that.

i'm very glad you're doing posts again, much appreciation!

jakhobh said...

Thanks so much for all the music! I'm discovering a lot of of awesome bands on this blog!

Thanks for taking the time to share it with everybody here!

Anonymous said...

this is a great band , have been looking for their demo for a long time

rayss said...


Anonymous said...

Rocking blog! Fantastic mix of old gems and new discoveries - thanks.

Love the first track of this - fat as fuck - raging!

STiG NZ said...

Thanks, I do try and mix it up but lately I'm stuck in this UK '82 mode... just can't escape it. :)