Monday, 22 October 2007

Discharge - Fight Back ep 1980

This is probably the best d-beat seven inch ever or at least one of the top three. It is so much faster than the first record, and every song on here except "Religion Instigates" has a claim to being the best DISCHARGE song. With briefer lyrics, increased intensity, and the most classic of riffs, this is where their sound becomes solidified as distinctly theirs. "Fight Back" and "War's No Fairytale" are compelling rants against war and the system, and then "Always Restrictions" anti-Thatcher verses explode into the so-stupid-it's-brilliant chorus "SMASH TO FUCK THE FUCKING SYSTEM!" Just when you think it can't get any better, "You Take Part in Creating The System" and its accusations of collaboration and apathy seal the record as a feat of genius never to be repeated. "Religion Instigates" can't quite live up to the pace of the previous four songs, and I've never quite grasped what the line "Religion's just as crass" means- as crass as *what?* Oh well. A good song that I will never tire of hearing, that fits in as a nice bookend to one of the great achievements of hardcore.

01 - Fight Back
02 - Wars No Fairytale
03 - Always Restrictions
04 - You Take Part In Creating This System
05 - Religion Instigates

Clay Records.


Vuk said...

you got it wrong mate; it is 'messed up, fucked up, fuckin system' in 'Always Restrictions' and 'religion, jesus christ it's all a fuckin farce'
Cheers, Vuk

Eric Paradox said...

this is hilarious - my band (Kaiser Wave)'s guitarist used to have the same exact misconception about the 'Always Restrictions' chorus ("smash to fuck the fucking system!") - we named our new EP after it.

great 7" by the way.

WigFlipper said...

aw man, Religion Instigates rules

rayss said...


Dunk said...

This E.P. is amazing - people try, and fail, to reproduce this raw ferocity in current bands nowadays. Government and Queen are your only enemies don't be fooled by their plastic smiiiiles!