Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Final - Grow Strong / Empty ep 2003

Final from Japan dishing out some "Trader In Death" era Broken Bones worship, which at the end of the day ain't a bad thing!!

01 - Grow Strong
02 - Empty

Crust War.


Slobodan Burgher said...

Grabbed this when you posted it and have listened to it a few times then a couple of more and more times etc - I like it a lot! Broken Bones worship is right up my street! So, because i forgot to say thank you before i will do so now: thank you!

Slobodan /

Anonymous said...

This shit is sexy. This is the best shit out of Japan I've heard.

Discimex said...

I love Broken Bones and i like very very very much this ep, thanks for the post.
If you have more PLEASE, post more. I Dont find this band anywhere only here in your blog.

CHEERS from Brazil!!!

rayss said...


rayss said...