Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Instigators - Full Circle ep 1987

I've always liked the majority of releases from this band, with their "Phoenix" LP being a classic UK Hardcore release. Even the older stuff before they recruited ex-Xpozez front man Andy on vocals was quality stuff. This ep's title track is very indicative of the Instigators at their prime. Enjoy.

01 - Full Circle
02 - The Sleeper

Double A Records.


rk64 said...

Great post, great band and the only record I don't have! Cheers

Anonymous said...

This single rips!!! I bought this slab in a small record shop in Eugene, OR USA. This opened up an opportunity for bands to stretch a little with music, but unfortunatly speed metal seemed to take over for the worse. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

One of My Favorites. Under-rated band. takes me back to being 16 again. one of the first shows i went to... played with SNFU, back in '86 or '87.