Sunday, 21 October 2007

Lip Cream - 9 Shocks Terror LP 1987

This is the second LP from Japan's mighty Lip Cream, released in 1987. I think this is their stand out release and is a very solid record. Awesome Guitar work, fast angry Japanese Punk that only bands in 80's Japan managed to pull off so well. Selfish Records was the best Punk Label in the world.

01 - Terror
02 - Breakin
03 - Cold Lover
04 - Kick Out The Jam
05 - Amateur Baby
06 - Enough Time
07 - 9th Nightmare
08 - Shock Treatment
09 - R.I.P. Off

Selfish Records.


adamski said...

Hey Stig!
Thanks for all these Japcore classics! I used to have C-90's full of them back in the mid-80's when my pal used to trade tapes with Mick Harris, the drummer of Napalm Death. Keep up the fantastic work, dude!

James said...

Thanks for the post!

rayss said...

i love lip cream. thanks for the great blog

martin said...

awesome post! thanks man!