Monday, 22 October 2007

Regulations - Destroy ep 2003

Five quick tracks of punk fucking rock from this Swedish act featuring ex-members (and some current members) of E.T.A., Dead Ones, and the Vectors playing in what has been tagged as a late-70's west coast style of US punk. I could agree with that I suppose. The songs are definitely based around rockin' punk with an attitude, played with minimal distortion and basic structures with snotty sort of sneered vocals and a few noisy blues-based lead riffs. It's all straightforward and pretty verse/chorus/repeat in structure, especially tracks like "We're Blank". But that's fine, the songs are still memorable and the record's not a forgettable slab of one-sided material in my opinion. "Policecar" begins after an instrumental segue and has a little bit more of a stutter to its rhythm and subtly dissonant chords, which is one of the most unique aspects of this EP. I really like the recording. The tones are natural, the guitar distortion is really minimal without being weak, the bass tone is really in your face and drives the rhythm section, there's just a little bit of dirtiness over everything, etc. I wouldn't change anything. The record comes in a bright yellow and red sleeve with blood spattered designs on it and a black and white insert with one band photo and additional artwork. Even the band photo looks incredibly dated, so these guys aren't messing around here, they know what style they're out to do, and they're nailing it. Check it out if this is your thing. I dig it. (7/10)

01 - Destroy
02 - My Future
03 - Were Blank
04 - Policecar
05 - Untitled

Busted Heads.


Chris said...

Man, that's great stuff. What's in the water in Sweden?

Grant said...

i really like regulations. police car is one of my fav song of theirs.

there really must be something in the water.

rayss said...