Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Shortlived - Demo CD-R 2007 (New Zealand)

These dudes hail from our nations capital city, Wellington and they kick out some fucking angry "Drop Dead" inspired fastcore. It's so good. On this Demo (a real nice 4-track recording) it's Just Dan and Sam dishing out the thrash. They now have a Guitarist (Sam just does the vocals now) and Bass player and are a force to be reckoned with live. Play fucking loud!

01 - I Don't Pray, I Think
02 - Questioning Motives
03 - Meatman
04 - Fundamentalist
05 - All Talk
06 - Safe And Secure
07 - The Way
08 - Pyrotechnic Parliament

Photo by xsfat.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog, thanx for the awesome japanese posts of some days ago.
Please keep posting NZ stuff (old and new), I'm interest in your local scene but it's very hard to get infos about it!

R said...

Nuevo/New Blog from Argentina!!!
Hardcore, crust, Punk.

* I love this blog too. You are in my links.

prozac.logic said...

i saw these dudes over the nye long weekend in melbourne.
i wet myself with how awesome they were.

rayss said...


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BruceX said...

thank you so much for this demo,we played with them in slovenia,great people,sick music!! :)