Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Hard Skin - Make My Tea ep 2006

First off sorry for the lack of posts lately but it's Spring here and I've just been enjoying the weather and the company of family and friends.
OK, so on with the records. This is Hard Skin, this is Oi! You may know the back ground to this band and if you do you know it's all tongue in cheek fun. The band is a laugh a minute and always to be taken that way. This ep was released on Feral Ward and the title track was taken off their "Same Meat Different Gravy" LP. Such good drinking music.

01 - Make My Tea
02 - Romford
03 - Let's Ave It

Feral Ward.


mal de parkinson said...

esta bn bacano

STiG(NZ) said...

you what? speak english son

rayss said...

esta means is bn probably buen means good or very in this case bacano means cool. this is very good. i agree. thanks. also my spanish is not the best, even sadder is both my parents speak it so why not me, oh well.