Monday, 5 November 2007

Poison - Kick Rock LP 1988

Japan's Poison (later they changed their name to Poison Arts) with their first full lenght on Selfish Records. It's a solid release very much in the style of Gastunk or The Execute and well worth a listen. Poison offer up a more metallic sound than their label mates like Outo or Gauze. Manic drumming over some very nice guitar work. Enjoy.

01 - Kick Rock
02 - Tokyo Hungry Punks
03 - Craze For Struggle
04 - She Is...
05 - Bad Life
06 - The Blazing Fire
07 - Heart Gypsy
08 - Animated Town
09 - Until My Dream Comes True

Selfish Records.


winston said...

nice...cant open track 4 thou stig?
says try again later so will do just that,still got the other 8 to blast till then..cheers mate

STiG(NZ) said...

Thanks Winston, the link has been fixed so your all go.

john y? said...

I like it,the track gypsy reminds of B.sabbath for some reason,i'll have to check my v/a four tribes lp,i didnt think it was anyhere goodas the great hot rod ep.Rip chelsea.

Anonymous said...

cheers stig,

wedge said...

ive always found this LP to be the best thing that Poison ever did, and side 2 (all the tracks after "bad life") still is in heavy rotation in my life since i got this when it originally came out. the "attack of 4 tribes" stuff, and all stuff after it, is pretty much a different band as Chelsea(rip) left to fully concentrate on Death Side, and im not sure where the other members went off to; who knows. also of note is the live video called "Complete Death", which contains an INCREDIBLE live set by Poison Arts, but theyre performing most of this LP, and they just flat-out DESTROY.

Slobodan Burgher said...

yeah, i sure digg this too, thanks.

Jason said...

Yeah I really like this record. I also have a copy of a CD from the early 2000s by "Human Arts" which features the singer from Poison and Chelsea (who also produced it). Pretty raging as well.

ido said...

Excellent stuff. Chelsea's guitar work just rips. I can't believe its been a year already since he passed away. There is going to be a big memorial show in Tokyo in his honor soon.

Anonymous said...

Where may I find more? I really dig, poison and gastunk,the excute, i just got into them.

kalle said...

wow, this is excellent.
is it the same POISON that released the "hot rods" ep???
i used to have a great POISON ep back in the earyl 80'S while trading alot with my japanese friend Izumi Kubo.but i never heard this POISON LP here. i must get this one!!!
thanx for putting this up here!
look at my site :
was my last band after SCAPEGOATS ("kopflos" !!!EP):