Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Shrapnel / Toxik Ephex - Split ep 1988

This is a great split put out by Words Of Warning Records in 1988. Both bands offer up some catchy fucking punk rock tunes. I couldn't find out anything about this on the web so just take my word for it, it's a good um...
"Does someone have to die to show what Heroin can do"

01 - Shrapnel - Trivial Pursuit
02 - Shrapnel - Autumn
03 - Toxik Ephex - Does Someone Have To Die
04 - Toxik Ephex - Life Is For Living

Words Of Warning Records


John Liedown said...

Yay! Shrapnel. The Twins were really nice lads. First bumped into them at a gig where Flux were supposed to be playing, but it ended up that Living Legends (Ian Bone of Class War fame) played. It was probably some ruse of Bone's to get a crowd there.
Great band Shrapnel. Still working on a live post when they were a little rawer than this.
Cheers for this Stig!

Anonymous said...

I picked this up at a gig they played at Doncaster Women's Centre with Christ on Parade. it typically (for the time) came with shitloads of inserts and info
Nice one. Tony

rayss said...


Idiolf said...

Thanks to no fucker, except this blog. If it weren't for you I'd never heard "Does someone have to die".
Magic track

PukeSkywalker said...

wow... Shrapnal "Autumn" is fucking cool.