Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Icons Of Filth - Used Abused Unamused ep 1983

Probably my favorite of all the Icons records, released on the Crass Records sub-label Corpus Christi in 1983. The Icons Of Filth had a way different sound to most of the then Anarcho bands, it was heavy for one and really fucking chaotic plus they had some of the best artwork this side of Rudimentary Peni courtesy of "Squeal". They were in big with Conflict which sometimes I feel is not a good thing. "Asking Too Much" and "A Measure of Insecurity" are still killer tracks to listen too today. We also all know that vocalist Stig died shortly after playing a show a few years back. Also as a side note Profane Existence released a double CD (aarrgghh, fuck CD's) tribute to the man and his music so have a listen if you get the chance. I will also put up the "Brain Death" and "The Filth & The Fury" ep's too.

01 - Used Abused Unamused
02 - A Measure Of Insecurity
03 - Asking Too Much
04 - Virus

Corpus Christi


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Would love to get my hands on a phsycial copy eventually, although i'm sure they are $$$.

eventhejungle said...

Thanks buddy! Dude that does the artwork is awesome!