Thursday, 31 January 2008

Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands ep 1984

Debut record from the Instigators and what a classic it is. In fact this ep, the follow up full length "Nobody Listens Anymore" with the same line up and "Phoenix" with the addition of ex-Xpozez frontman Andy are defining moments in UK Hardcore. Classic records. This ep also features one Hammy of Peaceville Records infamy on Drums (who also sang for Civilised Society?) of course I may be wrong on all this so give me a fucking hurry-up if that's the case. Enjoy this ep it's great. I might consider ripping "Nobody Listens Anymore" as I don't think it's been re-issued since Bluurg let it slip in to obscurity.

01 - The Church Says
02 - Ignorance Is Bliss
03 - Ugly People
04 - All Creatures

Bluurg Records.


Steve Scanner said...

Hey Stig - Steve Scanner here, with a bit of a 'Hurry-up' as you requested. This EP has been re-issued, along with the 'Nobody Listens Anymore' and 'Phoenix' albums on a CD released by Blackfish Records back in about 2002 I guess. It features awesome packaging, liner notes and full lyrics. Essential. Great band too. And, I THINK, Blackfish Records was the short-lived label that Ian Glasper (who just did the 'The Day The Country Died' book) set up.
Speak soon mate

STiG(NZ) said...

Steve, you bastard, your right. The CD from Blackfish was called "Dine Upon The Dead" and it was in my mp3's on my computer so I'm giving it a whirl now. Thanks. I do hate to research things in any detail and do prefer to make things up. :D

Cubesville said...

Steve, You're right about the Hammy connection - Peaceville was a tape lael at the time. Good shout on the EP by the way. Cubesville

SvenDude said...

Hey Stig. It feels good to see that other people still carry a few of my old time favorites in their hearts as well. Instigators and SubHumans ... man those were the bands that made me do a 180 in regards to musical taste. The only Instigators material I still have is the compilation CD: "New Old Now & Shockgun". Would love to get my hands on that material released by Blackfish records.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post!!. I just heard the Instigators for the first time on the Cleanse the Bacteria comp and went lookin for more. Great stuff! Thanks


SvenDude said...

I ordered the CD from Blackfish records in the U.S via Should've been shipped last friday so I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive!

SvenDude said...

I got it. Hell Yeah it's good! What am I saying ? .... it's excellent!

BTW: excellent service from If you need any hardcore and don't know where to find it check out their site.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey sven, yeah Chris at veltedregnub is a cool cat. I've brought from him and you just reminded me that I have a $40 credit there so I think I'll go and grab the Blood of Christian Children 12" hang loose. Cheers.

SvenDude said...

Hehe cool: you already know him!
Hey that's not bad a 40$ credit.

Do you know: did Blackfish records ever release anything else after the Instigators CD? As I understand it it was meant to be a series of CD's to be a tribute to "influential" punk bands.

Anonymous said...

It's still good to chuck this lo ont every now and then, especially Nobody Listens Anymore" lp.
I remember buying when it 1st come
Out all those years ago.
Thanx mate
Andy (mustbecrust)