Friday, 29 February 2008

Moderat Likvidation - Nitad ep

Well you all know this band by now. Sweden's Moderat Likvidation. This is the original Nitad ep released on Distortion Records. It has a different mix and different track listing to the Havoc Records Re-Issue. This is a classic ep and still kicks ass today.

01 - Nitad
02 - White Rastas
03 - Hiroshima
04 - Marionett i Kedjor
05 - Progge Rebell
06 - Branda Celler
07 - Tio Timmar
08 - Enola Gay

Distortion Records


Anonymous said...


Slobodan Burgher said...

and it was a bootleg too! anyway I sold my copy on egay ages ago, i did not even know of it being a different mix.

Anonymous said...

- Thanks a lot for sharing this. Sounds great !!!

rayss said...

not sure this is supposed to be the nitad ep, just a moderat likvidation ep, the nitad ep is (i think) the original and only 7'' from 84 released by the band with similar cover art and some songs as this 7'' but some not. the havoc reissue is based on the original 84 7''

staffan lundström said...

Both the 1984 EP & this 1992 bootleg is called "Nitad" but they have nothing to do with eachother, The songs are not the same...
Havoc has a reissue of the 1984 ep called "Nitad" & a reissue of this With a different songorder called "Marionett i kedjor"

STiG NZ said...

Thanks for the information