Monday, 3 March 2008

Asbestos - Asbestos ep 2002

Japan's answer to all things politically crusty. A pretty solid release but I personally prefer to lean towards the Acid side of the Japanese crust sound. The opening track reminds me of a few 80's UK Anarcho punk bands whose names escape me in my current drunken state. Fuck it, not a bad release at all. I'll let you guess whose riff they stole for the last track....

01 - Asbestos (Belong To Nowhere Belong To Nobody)
02 - No War No Nukes No Violence
03 - Bomb Slaughter
04 - Legarize It

Hibachi Records.


Anonymous said...

Good to see some Asbestos on the blog! I love these guys.

I've been trying to get ahold of all the material they did pre-reforming... i think it's all on the 'To The Memory Of The War Victim…' collection. The only thing I can't find from that are "a bunch of rare comp tracks" (so they're described on Hardcore Holocaust). I don't suppose you know what comps these tracks are from? That would make it a bit easier to try to search for them.

Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

To The Memory Of The War Victim is the entire discography of ASBESTOS. if your going to get it i recommend getting the tape version. i have both and the cd version is slowed down. the tape is original sound and faster. glad to see another ASBESTOS fan. what you have to do is watch their live sets. I-N-S-A-N-E. kan looks like a fucking raptor on stage with his insane orange/red flamed mohawk which reminds you of the rising sun of japan against a stagelight.

Simon said...

Hey Stig-- I'mlooking for some old NZ vinyl and have Japcore test presses etc to trade....can you help? Email me at if so!