Monday, 3 March 2008

Crude S.S. - Who'll Survive ep

Classic Swedish D-Beat. I must admit that this hasn't aged to well and I found it a little boring, I know, put me up against the wall a put a hole in my fucking head. Still it's a classic slab of wax and I'm sure all who visit this blog will love it.

01 - Forced Values
02 - Sick Pleasure
03 - Destroy Capitalism
04 - Who'ill Survive
05 - You Can't Deny It
06 - Respect The Earth

Uproar Records


7inchcrust said...

this is classic, thanks! :)

kiwipunka said...

totally agree about it sounding boring. First heard this band on one of those uk comps (Bollox to the gonads??)and Network of Friends and absolutely loving the songs but then i got The System You Hate...about a year ago and found most of it boring.Though i still find the original songs i liked (destroy capitalism and ingenskola)pretty fucking amazing.