Monday, 31 March 2008

Merrygoround - No War flexi 1986

More mid 80's obscure Japanese Punk, in all honesty I know nothing about this band but if you like this era of Japanese Punk then you won't be disappointed. Kind of reminds of some of those bands that appeared on the Crass Records Bullshit Detector LP's but with more solid Guitar leads.

01 - No War
02 - Go To Hell

Merry Records.


Tommy said...

This is a decent record from a good band. I think ive collected everything they put out aside from the first 8" flexi which rarely comes up. They have 4 records(that i know of) and all of them are self financed flexi records.
their 2nd 8" "Outside Punx" is their best material. I beieve it was released after this No War flexi. If you dont want to track that down I made mp3s w/ cover scans.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey Tommy, I'd love to hear more from this band.

Contact me


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! The name of the band I guess it was inspired from the INU track of the same title, from the Meshi kuuna! LP, so this has to be interesting... Arigato!

Fernando :)