Monday, 14 April 2008

Dabunka - Death Clown ep 1996 New Zealand

One of my old bands from the 90's and the only one I ever played in with my Brother (Bass Guitar). The guitarist Rory is from a slew of local bands such as Azazel, Sinfeeder, Enshrine, Asscharger and In Torment. Dabunka was pretty much just a fun Punk Rock band with pretty straight forward simple songs that were fun to play. We also put out a full lenght CD called "Force Fed The Backlash". The "Death Clown" ep was an acetate cut in Geraldine, New Zealand and subsequently the sound was shocking. These tracks on the blog were taking from the tape master and sound way better. As you may not know New Zealand does not have any facilities to press vinyl records so very few records from punk bands came out here after the late 80's when EMI dismantled their pressing plant in Wellington. Enough rambling and more Punk fucking Rock!!

01 - Lepers
02 - The Cut Off Points Sharp End
03 - None The Wiser
04 - Speak In The Key Of No
05 - Seed Of Thought Weed Of Action
06 - A In A Circle
07 - Death Clown


The Clovenhoof Society said...

Now hows about uploading some United Blasphemy demos!

STiG(NZ) said...

Hello Mr. Wallace, I'm actually giving serious thought to dedicating either a website or a blog to U.B tapes. I think there were about 17 demo's and a couple of ep's. Fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stig, I acquired a few copies of this 7" in australia if you want em(can't remember how many 2 or 3 i think), I'll contact you in some other way about it later anyway.

elliott said...

hey stig, you should post that cd you did, i'm digging this introduced me to a lot of great punk/metal from nz, including the stuff you've done. great stuff along with your other posts of course