Monday, 14 April 2008

NK6 - NK6 ep 2004

Manic Japanese thrash courtesy of NK6. Borrowing heavily from all things Gauze. You know what to expect and I assure you you won't be disappointed. Blood Sucker release some fucking solid bands.

01 - In Japanese
02 - In Japanese
03 - No Back No
04 - Right To Know
05 - In Japanese

Blood Sucker Records.


COOL FOOL said...

Tracklist - in japanese
Read / Means
01 Ugou no syuu / Disorderly crowd
02 Tsukaisute / Disposable
05 Sensou e ike / Go to War

Robi_Wan said...

NK6 were awsome live.
They toured Europe along with Dudman.
I saw them in Osnabrück / Germany and it was a killer show!

Dane said...

neat! got their yellow beauty 7". awesome thrash. would you know their contact details?

STiG(NZ) said...

Contact them here: