Sunday, 18 May 2008

Kronstadt Uprising - The Unknown Revolution ep 1983

London's Kronstadt Uprising's amazing first single on Spiderleg is still so intense even 25 years on. The stand out for me is the vocal delivery, harsh and driving. They released a discography CD in 2000 called "Insurrection" on Overground records. Try and track it down if you can.

01 - Blind People
02 - Dreamers Of Peace
03 - Xenophobia
04 - End Of Part One

Spiderleg Records


Pind(A) said...

Awesome band!really cool name! do you have any band that be inspired in anarchist ideas like it? can you recomend me more of those grupos who sing in english. My native tongue is the spanish, so is difficult for me identify who is and whos isnt anarchist group., wrote me please, this wont take you more than a few seconds!!

greetings from Chile, South america

Pind(A) said...

i forgot telling you, i just know the more famously anarchist-anarchopunk bands like CRASS, Conflict, Oipolloi, A//political, All system fail, Resist and Exist,Aus Rotten, Anarchoi, so i ask you if you can show more, and i seek for those....if you want to hear groups like those in spansih ajajajj wrote me!

k3 said...

cheers for the Kronstadt Uprising fella, that has took me back some years, and brought back some drunken thoughts of those electro hippies days, there are a load of stuff on your blog that are well worth listening to or downloading,which i will, alot i have on vinyl,my daughter has bought me a USB record deck so the vinyl will be getting uploaded to pc very very shortly. but thanx again.