Sunday, 18 May 2008

The System - Is Murder ep 1982

Second ep by The System on Spiderleg Records. It's a step forward from their first effort "Dogs Of War" and more in line with what Flux were pumping out with "Strive To Survive". Catchy, upbeat but suitably raw this is a stand out record from the era. These four tracks were destined for their first full length but the band split before it was released. Skuld in Germany did release a post-humorous LP called "Thought Control" but I thought this was a very substandard release and it definitely wasn't the "long forgotten LP from The System" as it was marketed.

01 - Undercover Agent For The S.A.S.
02 - Let's Be Free
03 - Born To Lose
04 - Identity

Spiderleg Records


justin said...

Really appreciated this one, made me kind of miss that melodic edgy sound that used to be around. Thanx for your time and energy.

nick said...

the first EP was called "Warfare", and the first song off the a side was called "Dogs of War".

i WHOLEHEARTEDLY disagree that the LP is substandard!!!! thats a great LP that showed me THE SYSTEM for the first time. i love that LP!! one of the greatest UK punk LP's! the demos are very nice too!