Saturday, 7 June 2008

Age - The Spider Rules Your Emotions ep

Sweet metallic crust from Japan's AGE. I must confess to preferring AGE on 7" ep than a full length Album. I tend to get a little bored by the middle of a full LP but this ep is great. I could throw out the usual UK influences like Axegrinder or Annihilated but I think AGE are definitely their own entity. You be the judge.

01 - It's Spiderweb
02 - Lives Changing Into Objects
03 - Awake
04 - The Thunderbolt

Black Water Records.

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Batguano said...

Kick-ass band! "4 Wings" I have to listen to one side at a time, but "Scar of Lead" holds my attention all the way through! Thanks for the rips...