Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ambulance - Dawn Of A New Beginning ep 2006

Pretty polished Melodic Crust from Sweden's Ambulance. Killer production and very nice packaging. Stand out track for me would be "Forever Friends".

01 - Forever Friends
02 - Crucified
03 - Travels In Time

Wasted Sounds.


7inchcrust said...

i got a copy of this, these guys are really great, thanks stig :)
the guy with the beard is the same guy who was in Human Waste and in many other bands (Dodsdomd,,Mardrom,Uncle Charles)

SvartStoy said...

Ambulance rule, thanks for posting this, i'm gonna add your blog, i think you might like some of the stuf i post check it out if you'd like


Christiani said...

I have a download blog too! And i ripped an vinyl of Ambulance either! Here ->
Its so much easier to ripp vinyl than K7 hã?

STiG(NZ) said...

Good for you. FYI I already posted that Ambulance ep.

the wiz said...

weak. what happened to the female singer

K said...

The female singer quite Ambulance after there european tour as she moved from Umeå at about the same time. However they released a Lp/Cd that she also sings on. It was released by Putrid filth on vinyl and Wasted Sounds on CD. The Cd however got a better sound since it gott a proper masterjobb.