Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Forward - What Are You Gonna Get? ep

Awesome Burning Spirit Hardcore from Forward. I don't know much about this ep and couldn't find any information on the net about it so if you are in the know hook a brother up with the facts. Oh and listen out for the oooh's and aarhh's in the chorus, catchy indeed.

01 - What Are You Gonna Get?
02 - Go To Dive

Fast Nail records.


Alex said...


the WILL never die...

uzername said...

Both tracks takes from Forward - 2000 - Just go forward to death CD

algyward said...

different versions tho.. sound better to my ear, a little more ripping and tight.. THANKS!!!

convertido said...

this was their 3rd single, it's good but I prefer the first two better, still though great to see their stuff posted, THANKS!!

Fofäo Discrust said...

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