Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Gorilla Angreb - Gorilla Angreb ep 2003

Gorilla Angreb played a melodic punk rock with dashes of garage punk. The lyrics were all in Danish.

The first release was a yellow vinyl single released by Danish label (now defunct) Kick'n'Punch. It created some stir in the punk scene, and received favorable reviews in the American punk magazine Maximumrocknroll. The interest for Danish hardcore had been increasing in the US since Amdi Petersens Armé had been touring that country, and Gorilla Angreb and fellow Ungdomshuset band No hope for the kids only increased that interest with their releases.

The interest eventually in 2007 took the band on a tour of Japan as well.

2007 a Hjernespind Records release of a compilation of former releases was made available.

31st of july 2007 Mai announced that she was leaving the band. Following this the band has announced its break-up. (Wikipedia)

01 - Astma
02 - Der Skal Drikkes Mere End For
03 - Mit Lille Sorte Ag
04 - De Kommer Ud Om Natten

Kick N' Punch Records


Il Grunto said...

Toured australia july 2007. great band.

Good gig review here:

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