Friday, 3 October 2008

Dead Mans Shadow - Toleration Street ep 1983

My favorite DMS record after the classic 4P's LP. The mournfulness of the track "In My Dreams" is great. Still a classic today. You'll have to excuse the odd pop and crackle as this record has been thrashed over the decades. For a complete discography on Dead Mans Shadow and a ton of other UK Punk bands from the 80's check out this cool site UK82.

01 - Toleration Street
02 - In My Dreams

Expulsion Records.


Andrew J said...

dude i love you!!!! I havent heard this in well over 15 years and used to love the title track sooooo much. Just been waiting and hoping someone would post it and someone did. Woohoo. Mucho appreciated.

STiG(NZ) said...

aw man I'm feeling all warm and squishy now :D Thanks and your very welcome, it's a great record.