Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Final Count - Final Count 7'' flexi 1988

Japan's Final Count with their self titled 1988 7" flexi (self released) sort of reminds me of a more structured GISM in places and a less brutal version of Societic Death Slaughter. What ever the lame comparisons you can rest assured it's a fine record and worth your time and effort.

01 - Imitate A Human
02 - Silence
03 - Will Full Life
04 - No Follow The Fashion
05 - Double Faced Person

Final Records.


Edu said...

Thanks for all these rippings and uploads, very appreciated, some really rare stuff here.

Regards from a Japcore maniac.

Kill ugly pop said...

This flexi is not as old as said. It's been released in '88.

The band also has tracks on the following samplers "Enjoy your youth by this hardcore sampler" LP, "Best run fast vol. 1" flexi and "City of the punk rats" EP.

STiG(NZ) said...

Thanks for the information.

H.C. BEAVER !!!!!!! said...

hey, nice blog! i like Final Count. but the singer's later band was even better. the band was called NO! and had Naoki from Lip Cream and Matsumura from The Comes/Gastunk/The Wretched were also the members.

from HC Beaver

Anonymous said...

do you have any material by 'NO!' h.c. beaver?