Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Life Cycle - The Weight Of Tradition MLP 1989

Follow up to the "Myth & Ritual" ep of 1988 this Mini LP continues along the same Celtic Frost inspired Metal/Punk but in my opinion lacks the punch that their debut delivered. It's still a good record just not a great one. Enjoy.

01 - Bitter Taste
02 - Waste
03 - Deflecting Fate
04 - Art Of Survival
05 - Demolition

Mad World Records


Terska said...

I've been waiting for this. Thanks

paris said...

Welcome back - and with a vengeance! These are great posts, especially for those of us who've missed your blog the last few months. How else would I have known that there was such a cool band as Life Cycle!

irishdave said...

Thanks for this - I think I only heard it once in my life and really liked it - Not as much as Myth & Ritual, but I never heard it again or even saw a copy for sale.
I thank you!

Grk! said...

Thank you! I'm still kicking myself for not buying this at the time. I've owned 'Myth & Ritual' for ages tho'. Marie's sleevenotes to both records still need to be read, marked & inwardly digested.

Mikey Teach said...

Bridgends finest. Hope Marie is well. Knew Neil too. Great memories. Must go and find those records.